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The Corvallis Daytime Drop-in Center

The CDDC prides itself as a place where needs are met. We provide a variety of services to people in our community who find themselves in need.

The mission of the Corvallis Daytime Drop-in Center is to respond to the significant needs of individuals, especiallly those who are experiencing homelessness, low income, mental health or dual diagnosis issues by providing dignified personal assistance and advocacy.


Corvallis Daytime Drop-in Center
McLean Hall
602 SW Madison Ave.
Corvallis, Oregon 97330


Open 9 AM to 2 PM, Monday through Friday
(Summer hours 9 AM to noon, June, July and August)

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What is the CDDC?

The Corvallis Daytime Drop-in Center (CDDC) is a 501(c)(3) that has a long history of providing a variety of services to persons who are homeless and/or low income. Initially, the CDDC was a peer-run center known as The Circle of Hope, and was established to provide a socialization place for people with psychiatric disabilities.

As time went on, the CDDC attracted a variety of people including persons with dual diagnosis, individuals who were homeless, and other low-income members of the community. In the last few years, the center has accepted support from recognized community leaders and its organizational structure has been changed to reflect a stable base of community leadership.

The CDDC board has been working to expand the vision of the center to meet the significant mental, physical and social needs of the people who come. The center is staffed by volunteers. Each week approximately 150 hours of community volunteer time is donated to provide the services of the CDDC.

What We Do

The drop-in center is located in McLean Hall at First Christian Church (602 SW Madison). Our Project Action office is also located at this church in Room 15.

McLean Hall is open weekdays from 9 AM to 2 PM. We offer a variety of services to meet immediate needs:


This program offers assistance to homeless individuals in obtaining or replacing official documents, gaining access to health providers, finding affordable housing, pursuing a GED, or completing official paperwork.


Operating semi-independently, but under the umbrella of CDDC and at the same location, is CDDC’s temporary staffing endeavor, Homeless Employment Launching Project (“HELP”). This service connects homeowners and businesses having work to be done, with clients eager to work. Through (HELP) clients receive job training, learn good work habits, develop a work history, earn a paycheck and Social Security credit, and most importantly, experience a renewed sense of self-worth.


If funds are available, the CDDC helps many individuals who would otherwise be unable to obtain needed medications.


The CDDC counseling program provides skilled responses to issues that can impact a person's safety and well-being.


The CDDC rents space in a local church and is able to offer a few hours per day of shelter from the elements during which homeless can socialize, snack, and receive information from local health and social organizations, receive mail and make phone calls.


The CDDC helps the homeless with personal hygiene by assisting in the provision of weekly supervised showering at a nearby church. In addition, CDDC also assists the homeless in obtaining funds for emergency transportation to other cities.


The CDDC’s Advocates for Pets of the Homeless project provides limited veterinary assistance and advocacy for pets of individuals who are homeless or have very low income.

HELP Program

Our program is called HELP (Homeless Employment Launching Program) and its purpose is to provide full and part time work to persons who are barely surviving by connecting them with area (a) residents who are in need of someone to do small day-labor jobs around their homes such as yard work, painting, gutter and window cleaning, help moving, etc.; or (b) businesses who need short term help filing, cleaning, etc.

At HELP, we strive to create an opportunity for individuals in need, to earn money while building a positive work resume. Our work force consists of people who are homeless, near homeless, or food insecure/low income, all of whom are in search of a better life.

HELP does interviews and background screening of our workers, as well as providing liability insurance to protect the homeowner. We also take care of workmen’s comp insurance and payment of employee taxes through a local accounting firm.

To discuss the possibility of using a HELP worker, call our office at (541) 740-8131.

Advocates for Pets of the Homeless

If you think about how much you value the emotional support and security that your pet provides you, consider what it means to someone who has no home and is living on the street with his/her pet. During the cold wet months many individuals are faced with the harsh choice between overnighting in a cold weather shelter that doesn't allow pets, or camping out with their pet. If they choose the former, they have to put their pet up for adoption; so most will choose to stay with their animal friend in an uninsulated tent or less. Naturally, the weather takes its toll on both the tent camper and his/her pet.

To meet these needs of persons living on the street or the edge of poverty, the Corvallis Daytime Drop-in Center, a 501(c)(3) non-profit program in Corvallis, Oregon offers, as one of its services, its Advocates for Pets of the Homeless project. When funds are available we provide limited financial assistance with veterinary services, including surgery. We also provide dog and cat food, ID tags, help with pet licensing, and pet advocacy. In addition, we work with area pet lovers to find temporary housing for pets of persons who are homeless or near homeless during their hospital stays or while they are searching for new housing.


Meet AS

She visits the CDDC daily. Last year, she was homeless and spent many nights outside. When the women's shelter, Room At The Inn, opened in November 2016, she was able to find shelter for five months. In addition to shelter she found case management resulting in a search for housing. For many months, it seemed there was no long-term solution. She tried several housing options that didn't work well. Throughout the challenging months, she found the CDDC to be an oasis of safety and hope. She volunteered to help at the CDDC with computer check-ins once week and she met regularly with her case manager at the center. Eventually, a promising housing arrangement was found. She continues to help at the drop-in center, and at this season's Room At The Inn she helps serve food and then leaves to walk a few blocks to her new home.

Meet WC

He visits the CDDC daily. Last year he was homeless and spent the winter at the men's cold weather shelter. He demonstrated an easy-going temperament and an ability to diffuse potential conflict situations... so, he was invited to become the resident supervisor at Partner's Place. At the CDDC, he also shares his calming presence by welcoming guests to his table where an engaging card game is always to be found.

Meet DN

Upon release from prison she found herself without a viable plan for housing. In order to maintain the vision for a better future, she knew that she needed to connect to something solid. Fortunately, she has several faithful support people who continue to hold her up and provide a safety net. Currently, the women's shelter will provide safe housing for five months. During that time, her support people will work hard to establish a winning case for SSI which she truly deserves. In the meantime, she is finding meaningful work and encouragement from volunteers at the CDDC.

Contact Us

CDDC President

Aleita Hass-Holcombe
(541) 740-3235

HELP Coordinator

Homeless Employment Launching Project
Kevin Weaver
(541) 740-8131

Project Action Office Manager

Richard Kleinosky
(541) 738-7500

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9 AM to 2 PM, Monday through Friday
Summer hours: 9 AM to noon, June, July and August

How To Find Us

Corvallis Daytime Drop-in Center
McLean Hall
602 SW Madison Ave.
Corvallis, OR 97330

The CDDC is located downstairs in McLean Hall at the First Christian Church, across the street from Central Park at the corner of SW 6th and Madison.